Monday, January 20, 2014

The home stretch begins!

Hey everyone!

Glad to be back and writing to you guys again! We're now in the second half of our season and on our way to the end of the season and everything we work for, AUS playoffs and the possibility of advancing to CIS Nationals! So here's what's been happening so far.

Over the Christmas break we hosted Guelph University, for a series of scrimmages and official games. On Friday January 3rd we started off with a practice in the morning with Guelph, during which each team split into 2 squads to scrimmage against each other. It was a great warm up for the match that night and a chance to shake off some rust and see what our opponent was bringing to the table.
That night we beat Guelph in 5 sets, a hard fought match where we played very up and down but pulled out a win.
Saturday we had another morning scrimmage session, which really got everybody excited for the nights rematch. We took Guelph in 3 sets that night for the big win, we really upped our consistency and felt we played a better game, not giving up to any pushes by Guelph.

Now we're smack back into the season, we headed on the road to Sherbrooke for the third and last interlock tournament of the year. Our first match was against Montreal on Friday January 17th, the 6:00 pm game time. We went up 2 sets to none to start off the match, resisting some pushes by Montreal and their strong middle play. They came right back us though and won the next 2 sets, bringing it to a 5th set. We pulled out the win in the 5th set by jumping out to an early lead and not giving it up.

Saturday we started off at 11 am with a big game against Laval. An unfortunately similar scenario to last night repeated, where after going up 2 sets to none, we were playing another fifth set. We couldn't pull out the win in this one, succumbing to inconsistent play, and errors at some crucial times. We finished off with a 4 set loss to hosts Sherbrooke at 8 pm that night.

This was not the way we wanted to start the second half of the season, but now it's behind us and we need to focus on what is ahead of us, 2 games against memorial this weekend, then 2 against DAL to finish off the regular season. Then we move into playoffs to see who represents the AUS at nationals.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy Year!

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been so long between posts here I've really fallen behind!

So where I last left off we were heading into a weekend of exhibition play against Winnipeg! We won both games against Winnipeg 3 sets to 1. These games were a great test for us because Winnipeg played great defence, kept balls alive and made us have to work the whole game long to get through rough plays and make runs to stay in the game. We experimented with some different lineups as well, with Eivind our starting right side moving to libero to finish both games, and myself (Logan) moving from middle to right side. Brett LeDrew came in to play middle, replacing me. This really showed off how deep of a team we have this year, and our ability to perform with guys coming off the bench and moving into different positions! Right side was interesting for me, staying on court all set long without subbing out back row to the libero was very different, and hitting out of the back row is still something I'm working on. Overall this weekend really helped test us and show us what we are capable of as a group!

Next up we had a bus ride to Queen's University for their annual exhibition tournament. Approximately 12 hours on a bus with a full volleyball team can be a little uncomfortable, but it's great for team bonding! You have to find ways to pass the time and sometimes you might end up talking to a guy for half the trip who you don't really know that well.
On to the games! We had our first game Friday night against the hosts Queen's, and swept them 3 sets to none. It was a good game for us, we played consistently throughout, and made some good adjustments early on to counter a great Queen's team.

Next up we played Montreal on Saturday. We were excited about this game since Montreal is a regular opponent for us during our interlock tournaments with the Quebec conference. We won the game 3-1. It was another good test, and a bit of wake up call for us. Montreal came out playing strong, and showing off their usual defensive intensity that can be frustrating. Again we had to make some adjustments, particularly on blocking for middles, making sure we're penetrating on block early and really taking away angles. After some runs, including Julio serving a series of aces, we got back in control to take the game.

Our final game was against Manitoba for the tournament title. This match turned into a brawl, with us losing in 5 sets. It was a disappointing end to the exhibition season, suffering our first loss in a game we feel we jsut did not perform. There was some lack of communication, and guys getting out of rythm, not focusing as Manitoba made runs and comebacks. This was a real wake up call to us, that we need to bring our best every time if we expect to make it to the very end of the season, and make waves at Nationals.

League play then started off in DAL with our first Interlock of the year. A loss to Montreal in 5 sets to start off was not what the team wanted. We had to have a serious talk after this game and reaffirm that we need to work together, support each other when we are playing well and playing bad, and when the other team is making great plays, we need to make great plays to stay in it.
We went on to win the next 2 games of the interlock, including beating Laval for the first time in my 5 year vreds career.

I don't want to make this post too long so I'll save some more for another post later this week! I'll also start introducing you guys to some of the new faces on the team!

thanks for all your support!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First of the year!

Hello Readers!

Welcome back and just welcome to any new readers we get, sorry I've been a little late with our first post this year, we've been busy!

Quick intro my name is Logan Keoughan and I am a fifth year middle/right side player, I am a BSc Environment and Natural Resources student, and I enjoy walks in the woods and sitting down to a lovely meal.

This year we started off with early exhibition play against York University, who finished top 4 in the OUA last year. First game was on a night, with an awesome crowd out to support us we swept York 3-0. We were really happy with this result, but still felt we had some areas of game to improve for the next match, particularly to maintain good passing, and better blocking against the York middles. We had a day off Saturday while York travelled to Halifax to play DAL, then resumed out matchup on Sunday afternoon. We stared off well with a first set win, then a close second set we lost 32-30. We came back to take the next to sets and the match. We felt like we adjusted and made steps on the things we outlined from game one, but lost some of our consistency. Overall it was a good weekend for us, and not just for wins, but for a test early in the year, and the learning that came out of it.

Now we're hard at work in practice and in the gym, getting ready for a next test against Winnipeg October 11th and 12th. The focus in practice is on intensity, testing ourselves and each other to try to give 100% on every play, to get into a game mindset against each other. You might wonder why I didn't give the cliche 110% effort, and I'll tell you why. I recently read an article that struck a chord with me, it essentially said that people who wanna give 110% don't understand what 100% is. 100% is literally all you have, every part of you totally committed. That's hard, and nearly impossible to do all the time. But you gotta push it, you have to reach for putting it all the line, all the time.

So after that little bit of intensity, come on out and support us October 11th & 12th against Winnipeg!

Talk to you soon!

Logan Keoughan

Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 years, 1 blog post

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome spring break and are back to the grind for a final push. I’ll start off by filling you guys in about CIS’s. I’ll do a special shout out to Julio because he was recognized as a 1st team all Canadian at the CIS banquet, huge honor! As Friday approached, our team watched game tape and mentally prepped like usual, finally the time arrived for our ¼ final match up against McMaster University. The first set saw two teams slugging it out back n fourth, point for point until finally McMaster was able to capitalize and took a 25-23 set win. Unfortunately, our team could not keep up with them as the match continued; our passing broke down in the 2nd and 3rd set and didn’t allow for much isolation to our wings or middles. McMaster took the 2nd and 3rd set with scores of 17 and 15.

The 2nd day, we faced up against the previous two time national champions, Trinity Western Spartans, who were upset in their ¼ final play on day 1 by Western. I think our team re grouped very well from the previous day and even surprised TWU abit. As the match went on, both teams realized nobody was interested in giving up the loss that easily. After 2.5hrs of play, and a 5th set heart breaker, TWU came out on top. Set scores were 25-19, 23-25, 25-20, 20-25, 12-15. As much as I hate losing, especially to finish my career as a varsity red, I guess I could bite my tongue abit and swallow this. Our team showed that definitely did deserve to be at the CIS’s and that we can compete and play with any of the top programs in the country. With having 8 rookies on our roster this season, and 3 of them being on the floor for the majority of the championship, it only speaks leaps and bounds about the direction of the program and the high potential it has to grow further in years to come.

At the end of the tournament, hosts Laval finished on top and I can’t say anything but congratulations and good wishes towards the team members and coaching staff. Julio was once again honored by receiving the R.W. Pugh Fair Play Award for the tournament.

As we packed up the bus to leave and drive home…I sat in my seat realizing that would be my final roadtrip as a varsity red…weird thought to cross through your mind after 5 years of long bus rides in the early mornings, and even longer bus rides through the late night. I look back on my 5 years and it feels like yesterday I was just arriving at UNB and showing up to my first try outs in the LB gym. Scared to make any single mistake thinking it would be the end of my career, but anxious and ready all the same to embark on a new journey. The reality is over my career, I made mistakes…several haha… but truly believe I learned from all of them and they shaped me into the 5th year graduating athlete I am today. 

To my head coach Dan McMorran, along with several other coaching staff members over the years, and the entire varsity reds office, I cannot begin to describe the thanks and appreciation I have towards all of you!  You’ve put countless hours into my university career and helped it be as memorable as possible. I also want to thank all of my different teammates over the years; I’ve played with 40 different individuals over 5 years and have made special bonds and memories with all of you that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I also want to thank my mum n dad…who as most of you know, were without a doubt my biggest fans from day one, travelling all over Canada to cheer me and my team on throughout my 5 year career!  I’d like to think I’ve grown as a volleyball player while attending UNB, and improved my skills along the way, but even more so, I’ve grown so much as a person and all of you helped me along the way. I am proud to say I am now a varsity reds alumni!

 My advice to any varsity athlete who reads this is pretty simple…take it ALL in. Whether you’re an incoming recruit, or a 4th year athlete going into your final year, make the most of your time at UNB. As busy and stressed as you may feel at times, in 30 years, chances are you won’t be thinking about how stressed you were. Go out and support your fellow varsity reds when they have home matches, be obnoxious and loud fans… Get involved with as many community involved varsity reds programs as possible, believe it or not, it’s actually fun, it doesn’t just look good on a resume…strive to be that academic all-Canadian in the classroom, it’s what you’re at university for anyways, and if not an all-Canadian, then push to improve your marks each semester…and finally, and most important, enjoy your teammates and coaches, you’re with them daily and they legit are your second family! When you have a poor practice or game, or a frustrating experience with a teammate or coach, don’t dwell on it…embrace it, learn from it, and move forward…because your end goals are all the same; trying to become CIS champions.

Thanks for reading my blog over the past few seasons everyone!

                                                         Fellas, I love yas!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AUS Champions

Hey Everyone,

so this past weekend was our best 2-3 series with he Dal Tigers for the AUS Championships, and fortunately for us, we made it a clean sweep! We defeated the tigers on home court Friday evening with a score of 3-1 (23-25, 25-22, 25-17, 25-23), player of the match was league MVP, Julio Fernandez who tallied up 13 kills, 8 digs and 2 blocks in the 4 set match. The 2nd match took place Sunday evening at the Richard J Currie Center....the crowd was electric to say the least! Once again however, we were unable to capitalize in the first set (whether it was nerves etc), and lost a close one 25-23, but after that, it was all smooth sailing. We took the next 3 sets with scores of 25-17, 25-19, 25-7...and the AUS Banner!! Player of the match was AUS rookie of the year, Eivind Andersen who racked up 10 kills, 9 digs and 3 blocks for the varsity reds.

Winning on home court was definitely a surreal experience, especially for myself and other graduating teammate Matt Sweet. It was an awesome way to finish off our career at UNB! On behalf of the team, we just want to say a huge thanks to all the fans that came out for our match and battled through the snowstorm to do so, we all really appreciate it...without a doubt the 7th man!

Our next step is now looking ahead at CIS nationals in Quebec City in two weeks! University of Laval hosts this years championship and so far, 3 teams have booked their tickets, ourselves, University of Laval and University of Montreal. The OUA and CanWest playoffs are this weekend and the final 5 deciding teams will be known by sunday evening. We are unsure what seed we will get going into nationals, but it doesn't matter,we are practicing and training harder and better than ever and we will be ready for whoever we face in the first round.

As we get closer to the nationals, I will fill you all in on our seeding, as well as give you the webcast link to the matches. Thanks again for all the love and support at home over the season, UNB hands down has the best fans out there! Cheers,


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heading into playoffs!

Hey Everyone,

this is going to be short and sweet. The weekend has finally arrived, the weekend that all the practices, off court training, roadtrips through the night, video sessions have lead up too...playoffs! We had to Halifax tomorrow morning to face off against Dal in the first of our best 2/3 series. The match is webcasted too, its on at 7pm and you can watch the game through this link: then click on the TV link by the date/match time. The second match of the series takes place at UNB this Sunday at 7pm, we want to pack the currie center so grab your friends and come show some love! Our team made this video yesterday before our practice...hope you enjoy!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trip to the Rock

Hey everyone,

hope you all had an awesome weekend! This past weekend our team travelled to NL to take on memorial university for our 2 final matches of the regular season. This trip can always be full of surprises. We left Fredericton and travelled to halifax on Thurday, with the plane to catch our 4pm flight. However, due to bad weather in Halifax, our flight was delayed until 630pm, and then it was delayed until 830pm, and than 945pm, and then finally it was cancelled. So we stayed in a hotel for the night and the following day we finally lifted off the ground and headed to NL. We played at 8pm and landed in St. John's around 330, so still lots of time to rest before our match.

Our first match was a convincing 3-0 win, with scores of 25-16, 25-20, 25-14. We executed very well and were able to get into a rythem with our block n defence. Player of the match for the first game was the venezuelan assassin himself, Julio Fernandez who racked up 16 kills, 1 kill and 1 block in the 3 set match.

The following day was not the same story. MUN came out with a better mindset, and arguable we had a poorer one. MUN played without a doubt, their best ball of the season, getting touches on almost all balls that were crossing over the net and we caused serveral unforced errors which lead to the result that happened. They caught us off guard and forced us to 5 sets before we were able to seal the deal. The set scores were 25-20, 19-25, 23-25, 25-23, 15-12. POG recgonition for this match goes out to #11, Logan Keoughan, who tallied 12 kills, 1 dig and 5 blocks for the match. I'd like to do a quick shout out to Drew Stephens and Brad Pitcher, the 2 graduating 5th years on MUN...solid career fellas and I only wish the best for both of you in the future!

The weekend of course, finished off the same way it begin, with delayed flights, and an extended travel time home. We landed into halifax around 1130pm last night, and drove straight home, arriving into freddy around 430am. The travel escapades that varsity athletes have to deal with is not always as sweet as the normal students may think haha!

We now have 2 weeks of hard, intense, focused training before play offs begin against the dalhousie tigers. The best 2/3 series will start the weekend of Feb 15-17, and conclude the weekend of Feb 23rd, if a 3rd match is required. As I find out the specific dates and times of the matches, I'll keep you all posted.

This week I'm going to introduce you to a fan favourite local guy, Matt Losier. Matt (Marty) is a 6'2 first year setter who is studying business at UNB. He has had an awesome rookie season thus far and I'm sure the rest of his season, along with his career at UNB will be very memorable. Here are some fun facts about the kid;

Q: Why did you choose UNB?
A: I chose UNB because I liked the atmosphere and the boys on the team. Dan was also a big factor in my decision as well. I also wanted to play at home in front of my family

Q: What has been your favourite experience as a varsity red thus far?
A: My favourite experience so far was the first time we beat DAL. Every team I have been on, those NS boys where always our rivals so it was nice beating them.

Q: Who do you think will win the Super Bowl today, and why?
A: I want the Ravens to win! I really enjoy watching Ray Lewis and I would like to see him win his last game in the NFL.

Have an awesome week everyone,